Tanja Major: “As a paper artist, I experiment with the transformation of fungi into paper fibres.”

NATURE is our life

The forest is a wonderful gift for me, gives me strength, freedom for thoughts, invites me to breathe deeply and “lets me dream”. We should discover, appreciate and treat the forest and nature with care. Fascinating creatures grow in it, like mushrooms. They could be a new step into the future. Ideally, they provide fertile soil, possess healing powers, serve as food and can regenerate what has been destroyed.

The ability of visual perception means perceiving the environment in its entirety with the available senses.

Photography means seeing and representing, which has sharpened my eye and given me access to nature.

My life has been shaped by photography. Since 1997 I have been Tanja Major, a freelance food writer and photographer under the name of


I acquired my culinary expertise in star gastronomy. With my early passion for photography, and perhaps a seventh sense for optimal lighting, I arrange compositions with natural products. My editorial work appears in numerous cookbooks ( including seven of my own books), besides for magazines such as “Kraut & Rüben”, “Essbare Wildpflanzen” or food producers. The portfolio also includes some award-winning illustrated books such as  “Schätze aus Wald und Wiese” BLV Verlag (GAD Silbermedaille), “Dream Cakes” BLV Verlag (GAD silver medal), “Affinieren – die Kunst der Käse Veredelung” Ulmer Verlag ( GAD gold medal), “Vegetarisch Geniessen” GU Verlag (GAD silver medal) which won awards.

This is also how my interest in mycology – the world of mushrooms – came about.
For some years now I have been working more intensively with mushrooms. The MYKO-logical groups with which I travel do voluntary mapping and identification of mushrooms for the protection of nature and nature reserves.
With its almost infinite diversity, the world of mushrooms is a source of inspiration for me in many different directions. This gives rise to many new insights and a great pleasure in perceiving their beauty.
Whether with the photographic eye, mushroom – cyanotype, handmade myco handmade paper, collages, dyeing wool and silk with dyes extracted from mushrooms, and not forgetting the art of cooking. This is how my website www.myko-kitchen.de and www.phyto-kitchen.de came into being.

since 2021 IAPMA Member
since 2022 GBK Straubing Member
since 2022 BBK Regensburg Member

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank C.Carmine ( programming ) Retina Munich.
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