handmade MUSHROOM PAPER – made almost from 100% mushrooms, I call it “mycobütten”.


My handmade mushroom paper works show new possibilities of paper making, they are made of almost 100% mushrooms and are therefore a “compostable or sustainable art” that can be returned to nature or the forest.Here you can see that!

Since 2020, the fascination of mushrooms has led me to work artistically with their substance and the pigments extracted from them.
To do this, I use various techniques of handmade paper, some of which consist of ancient traditional manufacturing processes, such as the Japanese Washi technique. These are made by me with my experience, ideas and new design possibilities from natural products.
Mushrooms, including porcini, tramets, leaf fungi, and more, some edible and some inedible, are the essential and primary substance in my creative process. Their color means expand the expressive power and accentuate what is meant. Material, color and composition reflect experiences and sensations. The mushrooms are in a dormant phase and can be revived and blossom at any time. They provide me with a natural material that is very alive and inspiring. This creates unusual structures, haptics, sometimes rough, creamy, padded, stable, but also brittle or parchment-like.
They enter into connections in the making, testifying to the transience of living forms: one moment inhabited, valuable, clear and then suddenly changing, disintegrating. A way into the unknown, where we can catch a glimpse of the strange.

“Mycobütten” ( word invention Jon Shelton @jonshelton_oscitantenterprises).