October 11- Januar 28, 2024 Dannerstiftung Ausstellung Landshut (GER),group

Nov.22-Jan.15.2024 Kunst im Gründerzentrum Hafen Straubing-Sand (GER), Single

Dec 26 – Jan 7 GBK Straubing Winter Exhibition Group (GER) – Mycobütten “Piknidium & Lagotto Aestivum”


November 30 – December 12 “SDGs through Arts” in the Blue Zone of COP28 @cop28uaeofficial in Dubai, Group, Mykobütten “Cortinarius”

Paper Tracks: Artistic Research on Paper
Artistic research and examination of paper – lecture by Tanja Major and Nike Finger-Hamborg as part of the autumn lectures “Paper Tracks Berlin-Brandenburg: On the tracks of paper in art, science and industry”.
Nov. 11, 17:30 – 19:00
Berlin, Seydelstraße 30, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Oct 7 – Nov 12 International Miniature Print “Using Washi” at the Hall of Awa Japanese Paper Museum and “Inbe Art Space” at Yoshinogawa city Amenity Center (Jap), group myko handmade paper with tetrapack printing & embossing,signed edition (6 pieces)

29 Sep-29 Oct Kuba Wasserburg on Lake Constance “With paper on paper” 3 rooms – 3 artists (GER)

Sep 18 – Oct 08 2023, Zukunftsraum Quartier Zukunft Karlsruhe (GER)-Letters for Future II – Art weeks in a future space, group, Mykobütten

12 Sep – 29 Oct 2023 IAPMA PAPER ALIVE EXHIBITION Design Campus, Museum of Decorative Arts, Dresden State Art Collections (SKD),Pillnitz Palace,(GER) Group “Mykobütten – BLOB”

9 Sep-10 Nov 2023 “Change: Transition, Innovation or Revolution?” Green Hill Gallery Berlin (GER), Group ” Mykobütten – Mycorrhiza”

31. August til 27. September 2023 Nature Art Cube Exhibition ‘12×12×12 Cube Nature’Prebiennale at Yeonho Culture Center in Uljin- FUNGI note box

26. August. 2023 until 15. October. 2023, ” Shelter in the Forest II’ at Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, (Korean), Group – Mykobütten “Mycorrhiza”

13.08. – 21.08.2023 Summer exhibition of GBK Rittersaal Straubing (GER),Group, Mykobütten

July 8 – August 5, 2023 Patent Paper Mill Hohenofen (GER), Group, Mykobütten – Mycorrhiza triptych

June 15 – August 15, 2023 Nature Art Cube Exhibition of Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2023 (Korean)Group, FUNGI note box

May 23-June 3, 2023 AMATERAS Foundation (Sofia, Bulgaria) Group Title “Investment Paper” Nature as the most valuable share in climate change.

06.05. – 11.06.2023 GBK-Straubing Weytterturm III “nah dran” (GER) Group- Mycobütten Ascomycota – View through the Eyepiece

Apr. 14 – Oct. 8, 2023 Buga23 Mannheim Spinelli-Park “Mushroom” (Ger), Single

Feb16 -March 23.2023 neunkubikmeter “COLLAB.LAB!” City of Regensburg (GER), Mykobütten

Feb. 1-28 Picture of the month GBK Straubing – Mykobütten NO WAR


6.Nov.2022 – March 8/2023 Evang.-Luth. Christuskirche Straubing Solo exhibition (GER)- “Window to a hidden world”.

26.Dez – 8.Jan. GBK Straubing winter exhibition group (GER) – Mykobütten Armillaria


GBK Straubing winter exhibition group (GER) – Mushroom Paper NETWORK


Hongcheon Art Museum, group (Korean), Nature Art Cube Exhibition,
Mushroom Paper – cube MYCORRHIZA

GEUMGANG NATURE ARTE BIENNALE, group (Korean) – Nature Art Cube Exhibition – Fungipaper – cube MATSUTAKE and MYCORRHIZA

GBK Straubing summer exhibition, group (GER) – Mushroom Paper Art


GBK Straubing winter exhibition, group (GER) – Mushroom Paper und
Mushroom – Cyanotypie


GBK Straubing summer exhibition group (GER) – Oil Painting

Genius loci, group, Sitbor a Pobezovice Schüttwa (CZ) – Sculptures and paper sculptures


GBK Straubing winter exhibition group (GER) – silkpaper Sculptures


u.A.w.g. Group exhibition Gallery of the HBKsaar Saarbrücken (GER) – Photography

u.A.w.g. Group exhibition MAJOLIKA MANUFAKTUR KARLSRUHE (GER) – Photography