May 23-June 3, 2023 AMATERAS Foundation (Sofia, Bulgaria) Group Title “Investment Paper” Nature as the most valuable share in climate change.

The foundation became a logical continuation of the Art studio “Amateras” which had been created in 2005. Since 2010 the initiators of the foundation – Daniela Todorova and TodorTodorov, have realised collective and solo exhibitions, residencies, symposiums, lectures, creative exchanges and projects with international participation and public in Bulgaria and abroad. The activities also include educational programmes for non-expert public, children and adolescents.

The annual Sofia Paper Art Fest and the long-term projects have established a sustainable environment for thriving of the contemporary art and its relation to the audience.

The accumulated collection of donated artworks through the years, which is named after the foundation, has been annually presented across the world.

Amateras is a mediator in the field of culture whose top priority is set to be the cultural dialogue.

Text Ametras

NATURE is our life

Title of the art:

“Investment- Paper” – Nature as the most valuable share in climate change

circles with gold-plated wood embossing each 50 cm diameter and mycorrhiza root cross section to see

Europe, the USA, and other countries are among the world’s largest consumers of paper per capita. This high consumption leads to the industry cultivating fast-growing trees, primarily on former rainforest lands, to meet the demand for paper. This poses a significant problem as the loss of tropical rainforests is increasing worldwide, resulting in the ongoing extinction of animal and plant species. The local population is losing its livelihood due to deforestation.

However, there are alternative methods of paper production, such as utilizing mushrooms. These innovative approaches could help reduce our dependence on the drastic deforestation of rainforests. It is time for us to change our mindset and seriously consider these alternatives.

Exhibition ETHER & MIGHT

AMATERAS annual paper art exhibition

International competition for paper art from all over the world.

May 23 – June 3, 2023

Vernissage: May 23, Tuesday, at 6:00 p.m.

NDK semi-basement WEST and Marble Hall, central entrance.

Address: Sofia 1000, Pl. Bulgaria 1

A list of the selected artists and works for Amateras Annual Exhibition/Competition for Paper Art 2023, click here!

Thank you so much to @daniela.s.todorova, MA, art director of @amateras_foundation