Danner Foundation Exhibition

The aim of the Danner Foundation is to provide incentives for outstanding achievements in arts and crafts and to help the arts and crafts of our time to gain recognition and appreciation on as broad a level as possible. The foundation was founded in 1920 by Therese Danner in memory of her husband Benno, who died in 1917.

October 11 – January 28, 2024

Tanja Major’s world, inspired by nature, applies the concept of reflection to human relationships. This may explain the allure of her creations—the dreamlike secrets of the forest take form as delicate formations, creating mystical, magical spaces where shadows and light mirror the hidden corners of our souls.
It delves into the fragility of nature, the fragility of life, and the intricate micro-system of mushrooms. They are integral to the water and mineral supply. For me, the art of making mushroom paper is a way of life, intertwined with a deep love for nature and the wilderness. Just like nature, listening is crucial. Never push against it. Allow materials to play, let things unfold, let materials work wonders, expand boundaries, and push the limits.

The 14th Triennale leads this year in the impressive spatial architecture of the late Gothic Heiliggeistkirche to #Landshut.

In this sublime architectural space, over 100 works by the selected 41 artists*, including my Fungi-Paper.

Presented in an impressive, poetic light and space concept. The demanding, dominant environment of the late Gothic hall church wants to be respected and at the same time the individual artisan objects are given the space to assert themselves individually. In cooperation with the museums of the city of Landshut.

Heiliggeistgasse 394, 84028 Landshut, Germany.

Opening hours: Tue – Sun 10 am – 5 pm