Date: 14/04/2023 – 08/10/2023

Place:BUGA23, Mannheim
BUGA23 Mushroom
Spinelli Park

Until 2014 still a military site, in 2023 a BUGA site: The American Spinelli Barracks and their 80 hectares of space will become colorful gardens, a spacious landscaped area for strolling, looking and marveling. In the midst of it all: deliberately chosen architectural reminiscences such as the original 21,000-square-meter U-Halle.

The U-Hall is the architectural highlight on the Spinelli site and the heart of the Federal Horticultural Show Mannheim 2023. The original 21,000-square-meter U-shaped warehouse was partially dismantled to its supporting steel and concrete girder framework for BUGA 23 and reduced to approx. 13,000 square meters. Scaffold-like, permeable structures remained, which were planted with climbing plants, grasses and wildflowers. The inner courtyard of the U-Hall was also upgraded with generous water areas, trees, an old railroad car and lounge areas.
There is also the area “Mushroom” where you can discover different mushroom paper.