Exhibition  International Miniature Print “Using Washi“ 

at the Hall of Awa Japanese Paper Museum and “Inbe Art Space“ at Yoshinogawa city Amenity Center.

Oct 7 – Nov 12 International Miniature Print “Using Washi” at the Hall of Awa Japanese Paper Museum and “Inbe Art Space” at Yoshinogawa city Amenity Center (Jap), group myko handmade paper with tetrapack printing & embossing,signed edition (6 pieces).

This exhibition features artists from around the world presenting their mini prints. They will be exhibited in the hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper and in the “Inbe Art Space”, a renovated former factory area.
Awagami Paper hopes this exhibition, themed “Using Washi,” will promote handmade washi, which is rooted in traditional Japanese culture, to the world and give artists the opportunity to showcase their work.

Washi was recently declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. There are several types of washi paper made in Japan, and artists have been encouraged to use any type of washi paper (it doesn’t have to be just awagami washi).

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Many thanks to @hannelore_christ who gave me the opportunity to use the print shop of @schulederphantasie