” Shelter in the Forest II’

at Geumgang Nature Art Biennale

The exhibition is held from 26. August. 2023 until 15. October. 2023

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“Shelter in the Forest II” Tanja Major

“Shelter in the Forest II”- mycorrhiza :

In a world that is constantly advancing, we are unfortunately confronted with a troubling trend: More and more green oases and beautiful forested areas are giving way to the march of urbanization, being engulfed by dreary constructions and concrete surfaces. This development has alarming consequences as we continue to push precious nature further back, leaving limited space for the survival and protection of animals, plants, and fungi.

Particularly captivating is the fascinating interplay between insects and microorganisms, finding their home within the enigmatic fruiting bodies of fungi. There, they come into the world and lovingly care for their offspring. These tiny beings play a vital role in the ecological balance and contribute to the diversity and well-being of our environment.

It is high time for us to sharpen our awareness and take action to counter this trend. We should work diligently to create spaces where nature can unfold its authentic essence. These sanctuaries not only provide a home for our local wildlife and plant species but also allow the captivating processes of life to follow their natural course until decay.

By preserving and protecting such habitats, we open up valuable opportunities to maintain biodiversity and strengthen ecological connections. It is time to take responsibility and recognize ourselves as part of nature, so that together, we can shape a harmonious and sustainable future. Let us allow nature to breathe and flourish, so that future generations can admire and enjoy the beauty and wonders of this Earth.

In the context of this message, the main picture portrays a fascinating image of a root cross-section, where a fungus exists in harmonious symbiosis with the root cells. This remarkable phenomenon is known as mycorrhiza.